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Portunus Company is the leading service, equipment & spare parts supplier for container handling equipment in its region. Portunus with its commitment is dedicated to provide its customer with the highest quality of parts and services,is representing a unique approach to the port services business by combining a variety of services within its organization.

Portunus Spare Parts & Services Company has the advantage to offer tailor made solutions to customers in its region. Complete solutions based on genuine parts and proved services to our customer’s needs are an essential part of our company strategy.

The maintenance process is our core process and thus Portunus is continuously using its resources to develop this process to find better solutions to improve the benefits & results. Portunus Service Division has the opportunity to work and develop the best international practices in various ports. With the combination of this accumulated experience, we have attained excellent maintenance process levels.

Portunus works with the principle of sustainability which underlines the importance of the continuity in Port operations and the obligation to find solutions which will enable this. As a servicing company we know that we should have a mind-set to provide our assistance on 7/24 basis.


Ready Assist service brings together real-time repairs and remote expertise Portunus team.

Port Equipments have different levels of maintenance requirements. Although the local site engineers are both knowledgeable and capable, the highly specialized nature of some interventions requires additional expertise.

For instance, your technicians might need quick guidance on emergency repairs or they might ask for help on a scheduled maintenance or overhaul. Often, an answer is needed quickly, leaving no time for an expert to travel to the site. With the COVID-19 pandemic and the global travel restrictions this capability is even more critical.

Customers no longer need experts to travel to remote locations on short notice, incurring extra expenses while dealing with such time-consuming tasks as obtaining visas. Problems are solved quickly, with assistance of Portunus remote experts who can send instructions and notes to the repair teams on real time. Every minute of downtime means lost revenue for our customers, Ready Assist is the perfect tool of choice for overcoming these issues.

Ready Assist has two service options which are :

Basic Assistance is the essential service that provide support through zoom/teams or any other online communication service with questions and answers.

Advanced Assitance is the complete realtime remote service solution for on site fault finding & repair. The support is provided through audio visual hardware and software supplied by Portunus

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